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Spas and Wellness

Wellness is becoming an important part of our everyday life, due to increased pressure both at work and home and the stress and strains that it puts on our bodies and minds we need to find ways to relieve and revitalise. Here at Leisure Pools we have a range of spas/hot tubs, saunas, steam-rooms, Counter-current units and accessories to go with them, giving you the relaxation therapy you deserve.

Spas/Hot Tubs

We have a range of spas and swim spas to suit your needs. A spa(or hot tub, they are the same thing) is design for people to sit in while the jets of water relax and revitalise your body, and in turn your mind. There are usually different jets on different seat in the spa which will massage various areas of your body, some have a lounger style seat which enables you to lay down while various jets massage your body and legs.

A swim spa gives you the beauty of both a swimming pool and a spa in one unit. Some have two separate areas so that the swimming side can have a lower water temperature to the seated side where a higher temperature is needed when relaxing. The swimming side while have a counter current unit built in which pushes water out so you can swim as far as you like without reaching the end of the spa.

A spa or swim spa is also a great way to socialise with friends or family, relax with a drink and a chat.

This is a Catalina Relay Swimspa, it has two separate sections giving a swim section with its own adjustable temperature and a relaxing seated area, again with its own temperature control.

It features:

  • 2 x 3kw Heaters

  • 5 Seats

  • 3 River swim jets

  • 10 Water fountains

  • 2 Cascading water falls

  • A transparent wall divide the 2 sections

  • LED lighting

  • Bluetooth music system

Catalina Relay Swim Spa
Catalina Relay Swim Spa - aerial view

This is a Caldera Marino Spa, ideal for relaxing and massaging to revitalise the body and mind. It's one of our mid-range spas

  • 6 Seats inc 1 lounger

  • 35 Hydro-massage jets

  • 10 Interior led lights

  • An Acquarella waterfall

  • Optional entertainment system

  • 3 Cabinet designs & 5 Shell design to choose from.

Caldera Marino Spa
Caldera Marino Spa - Aerial view
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