Commercial Swimming Pool Maintenance

We, at Leisure Pools are experienced in all forms of the commercial wet leisure industry.


We service, maintain, repair and install all types of equipment from pump and filters to saunas, steamrooms and spa baths. Our engineers and all members of ISPE and are trained in confined spaces.

Chemical Dosing

There are various forms of chemical dosing for commercial use.


In the photo (fig.1) it shows an automatic chemical dosing machine, which controls the amount of chlorine going into the swimming pool or spa and the PH control.


This machine, like many others on the market, can be used in conjunction with sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) and sulphuric acid directly from the 20/25 litre containers or by using a dedicated dosing station which uses calcium hypochlorite (granular chlorine) and acid.

This particular unit uses potentiostatic measuring cells to read the chlorine and PH, but other units many use different kinds to measure like amperometric cells.

These types of machines can be controlled onsite, or monitored remotely by your service engineer, giving the satisfaction that the water is continually being looked after.

The automatic dosing of flocculant will result in a clearer swimming pool.


When flocculant is continuously added to the water it combines the impurities together making bigger particles, which then get trapped in the filter. It is a highly effective way of dealing with chlorine resistant infections like cryptosporidium.

Bayrol PM5 Swimming pool Chemical dosing
(fig.1) Chemical dosing controller
Flocculation pump
Flocculant dosing

Filters, Pumps & Pipework

The equipment in commercial applications is considerably larger than that of domestic. We are experienced with with this type of equipment.

In regards to commercial filters we can 

  • Change the media

  • Replace laterals

  • Install hatches and sight glasses

  • Repair and install flow meters and air bleed valves.

Filtration pump work can include:

  • Capacitor replacement

  • Seal replacement

  • Fan replacement

  • Pump cleaning

Leisure Pools engineers can replace and install large sized pipework and fittings and, reparation and installation of valves and unions.

Commercial swimming pool filters
Commercial swimming pool pumps

Saunas, Steamrooms & Spa Baths,

Wellness equipment all need regular maintenance.


Steamrooms require the steam tanks to be cleaned on a regular basis and the unit and the seating area needs to be maintained.


Sauna inspection and routine maintenance of such things as the stove, the elements and the benches needs to be carried out on a regular basis to prolong the lifespan.


Spa baths and hydrotherapy pools are an important part of the wellness experience for relaxation and stress relief. The water balance needs to be maintained and the structure and pipework needs to be inspected on a regular basis.

Essence dosing and brine dosing are other features of both steamrooms and saunas, providing fragrance into the room which helps with respiratory problems. 

Exclusive luxury spa, sauna & steam room

Poolside & Balance Tanks

In today's society we recognise the importance of health and safety and the areas around the pool and spas themselves need to be inspected and maintained. 


We can replace the overflow grills, ladders and handrails and supply life-saving devices and equipment.

We can to supply and install various disabled equipment enabling easier access to the swimming pool and spa bath. Click here to contact us

All our engineers are qualified in confined spaces which allows us to be able to clean and service balance tanks and holding tanks

Disabled swimming pool access chair