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Swimming Pool Construction

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​Whether you want an indoor or outdoor pool, your Leisure Pools swimming pool can be created to suit your imagination, aspirations and budget.

A bespoke pool can be built to harmonise with any landscape, to fit any garden (large, small, broad or narrow) complete any hotel, leisure complex or health club and fit any home with room for a pool, providing a swimming pool of your dreams.

Our team specialize in swimming pool design and swimming pool construction. Having been swimming pool builders for many years we can offer all types of swimming pools.

We are more than happy to come to your home to discuss your requirements and give advice and a free, no obligation quote for the best swimming pool, spa, sauna or steam room for your space and budget. 

There are several methods when constructing a swimming pool:


A Tiled pool is the strongest, constructed with a concrete ring beam foundation and walls with double thickness 7mm concrete blocks and a steel mesh in between them. A three coat waterproof render is applied  along with customers choice of tiles. The base is constructed with a combination of compact stone, waterproof concrete and waterproof screed.


A Liner pool is the most common type of swimming pool in the UK with the base constructed of compact stone and screed and walls of single 7mm concrete blocks and rendered. Once the shell is complete the liner installation is the next step.

On Site Liner - 1.5 mm thick material which is welded to the  pool shell, it can be applied to any pool shape and covers the steps. It has a longer life than a pre-fabricated liner and can withstand higher water temperatures.


A Pre-fabricated liner - usually 0.75 mm thick material,  a complete one piece liner which is installed inside the pool shell. This is the cheaper of the two but still a viable option. Whatever your choice, be assured that your swimming pool will be constructed and finished to the highest standard. Let our design staff with over 30 years experience of pool installation make your dreams a reality. Our involvement with your project can be tailor made to suit your requirements.

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