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Frequently asked questions

Why has my pool gone green?

This could be because the chlorine or bromine level in the swimming pool water is low, or maybe the PH level is unbalanced

 A green pool due to algae
What's the difference between chlorine tablets and chlorine shock?

Chlorine tablets have stabiliser in them, they are designed as a slow release sanitiser and dissolve over a period of time.

Shock chlorine is, as the name suggests, designed to shock the water and kill the bacteria.

Multi-function chlorine tablets
Chlorine shock granules
How do i balance the swimming pool PH level

If the PH reading is below 7.2 then add PH increaser (sodium carbonate). If the PH is above 7.2 the add PH reducer (dry acid)

The PH scale relating water
What is stabiliser?

Stabiliser is cyanuric acid, it is added to protect the chlorine from uv, the recommended level is 30-50ppm.

Chlorine stabiliser

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What is TA?

TA stands for total alkalinity, it's a measurement of how much of the alkaline substances there are in water. The recommended level in pool water is 80-120ppm

Alkalinity Increaser
How long should the pool pump run for?

The swimming pool filtration system should run for 8 hours a day, which is the time taken for the complete pool water to filter twice. But this will depend on bather load and weather conditions.

 a swimming pool with a typical filtration system
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