One of our refurbishment projects

As you can see from the photos, we have completely re-built this pool.

We installed an onsite liner, upgraded to three skimmers, multiple low suctions and returns, an automatic water filler and three colour changing LED underwater lights. It is run on a 30 inch sand filter and a 1.5hp pump, with 2 heat pumps and 2 UV systems. We now carry out a regular fortnightly service contract here.

Liner Refurbishment

Heating & Ventilation


Leisure pools are experts in both onsite liner and prefabricated liner swimming pool refurbishments.


We can prepare the pool shell, affix  underlay, install new liner-lock track and new face-plates making the finishing touches to your new swimming pool just perfect. 


With today's broad variety of patterns, colours and borders we can rejuvenate  your swimming pool with a fresh new look. Along with the contemporary designs, here are just a few of the new patterns we can offer for both onsite liners and prefabricated liners

swimming pool liners

In today's modern world, swimming pool heating technology has advanced tremendously.

There are various ways to heat your pool from gas or oil to air-source heat pumps and electric. 

Here at Leisure Pools we can offer all heating variations and advise on the best way to heat your swimming pool!

Gas condensing swimming pool        heaters feature heat exchangers with cupro-nickel tubes providing longer lasting durability, and using condensing technology they can deliver up to 94% efficiency.


Air-source swimming pool heat pumps have come along way in the last 5 years. Inverter driven heat pumps allow the fan and compressor to be run at variable speeds saving both energy and running costs

Genie gas boiler
Air source heat pump

Copings and Paving

Copings and paving, over time can start to look tired and old, we have a vast array of different designs, materials, patterns and colours.


From the typical, contemporary copings to copings that match in with the paving creating the illusion of more space and slicker lines.


Plantroom Equipment

A plantroom overhaul can improve the efficiency of your swimming pool filtration and can also reduce running costs.


We, at Leisure Pools, can replace pumps, filters, media, pipework, valves, chemical dosing controllers, UV systems and heat exchangers 

Inline chemical feeder
Certikin Swimming Pool UV system

There are many types of swimming pool covers, which are all designed for different purposes. Below is a brief summary of each type of swimming pool cover.

Solar Covers

Swimming pool solar covers are designed to help to keep the heat in the water, air is trapped inside the pockets and the sun's warmth heats them up and in turn helps to stop the heat from the water escaping. Designed for outside swimming pools.


At Leisure Pools we use the new improved version, which is called a Geobubble Cover. The standard swimming pool covers have singular bubbles, whereas the Geobubble cover has double bubbles, due to this design there are many advantages:

  • Expected lifespan is increased by 25%+           

  • Designed specifically for the harsh swimming pool environment

  • Developed in collaboration with two UK universities

  • Save money, time and reduce the carbon footprint of your pool

  • Available in a variety of standard and high-performance materials

Foam Retention Covers

Foam retention covers are designed for indoor swimming pools, made from a closed 6mm cell PE foam and suitable for swimming pools temperatures up to 30 degrees.

A denser 12mm foam is available for spas and hot tubs with temperatures up to 40 degrees.

A perfectly fitted cover could eliminate heat loss of up to 85-90% which will reduce running costs and helps with condensation.

Geobubble swimming pool cover samples
Geobubble swimming pool cover
Foam Retention Cover

Safety Covers

A swimming pool can be a danger hazard, so a safety cover is an ideal way to protect you and your family from accidents.

Designed to run in tracks installed down each side of the swimming pool, either on top of the copings if its an existing pool or under the copings (by lifting and re-laying them) or if its a new pool build, laying the tracks before laying the copings.


Activated by a key switch the cover automatically glides down the tracks and stops at the end and vice-versa when taking the cover off the swimming pool.


Some of the advantages of a safety cover are:

  • 90% reduction in evaporation

  • 70% reduction in pool heating costs

  • 50% reduction in electricity costs

  • 70% reduction in chemical use

Top Mount Safety Cover
Under Copings Safety Cover

Winter Debris Covers

A swimming pool winter debris cover (WDC) is used during the winter months. It is installed by drilling holes in the surrounding paving where pegs are inserted attached to the winter cover.

The cover is made from a mesh material which allows water to go through but stops the leaves and debris, thus helping to keep the swimming pool clean throughout the winter period.

Leisure Pools offer two types:

The Maple standard swimming pool cover is made from woven polyethylene with reinforced corners, anti-chaffing strips and stainless steel fixings positioned at approximately 1.2-1.5 meters along the covers edges.

The Crisscross swimming pool cover is similar to the Maple, but with webbing straps stitched across the full length and width of the cover for extra strength.

Certikin Crisscross Winter Debris Cover